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The American Christmas Archive Ltd.
A Non-Profit Corporation Dedicated to Preserving Christmas History

President Thomas H. Carlisle Christmas Historian. 303 745 9627
Vice President Dave Brandl Playwrite 303 333 7018
Treasurer Stimson Kennedy Accountant 303 478 9494
Secretary Randy Nettell 303 906 1352

Board of Trustees People whom I have known for many years.
Ron Clancy Christmas music historian 609 886 6540
Christopher Radko Artist and Christmas ornament designer 845 424 6389
Bill Steely Christmas Historian 917 923 2211
Jeff Carter Christmas lighting Historian 678 642 4473
David Thayer Christmas Historian 303 471 6660
David Balsiger Documentary film maker for 30 years. 970 227 4115
Jeff Long Christmas lighting Historian. 617 699 3082
Dale Shuttleworth Website Designer. 303 564 2844


Nativity Scenes

ANRI of Italy

This is a rather special Nativity set by ANRI of Italy. All of the figures are hand carved wood. They are then hand painted and gilded. All of this beautiful work was done by Mr. Ulrich Bernardi of Val Gardena.

ANRI of Italy

This crèche scene is also made by ANRI of Italy. The stone structure looks more like Italy than the outskirts of Bethlehem.


This Nativity set is ceramic and beautifully hand painted.

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