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Imagine a new documentary that tells the stories behind
our most popular and beloved Christmas songs

There were so many Christmas songs written during the past 300 years that it will take about seven hours to tell all of the stories.
So, the planned two-hour movie has now been converted into a six-hour mini-series.

The most interesting section of this vast time frame was from 1933 to 1952. No less than 28 new songs were introduced then. All of them sold millions of records and copies of sheet music. Because so many people are still living who will remember these events, we will make the episodes covering this period first.

Some very exciting non-musical scenes of history will also be woven into the song stories. These will be three Santa's Workshops with the actual toys of the era. These will be 1933, 1943, and 1949.

Mission Statement
This archive is a Non-Profit corporation that will make an historic Christmas movie for television. This production will feature the history of American Christmas songs. It is designed to entertain while teaching history. This concept was used by Walt Disney for 30 years.

The audience will get to experience the amazing atmosphere in the country when a new Christmas song hit. In many cases this was on the radio.
Most of these songs came to us during the years from 1933 to 1958. It was a golden age indeed. The scenes of jubilation when a new song was introduced will be recreated in minute detail. The movie will be produced in the new ultra High Definition format. This system known as 4K yields glorious color and extreme clarity. So the shelf life will be a good for at least one hundred years.

I have no doubt that people will want to see this beautiful history every Christmas season.

“The American Festival of Christmas” is a for profit corporation which owns all of the props and paintings that will be used in the production. This corporation is actually Tom Carlisle’s Christmas light business. It was founded in 1975.

New IRS rules allow these two organizations to work together while producing the movie.

Pre production work will start as soon as the first funding comes in. At this time the cost of production is estimated to be $600,000. For more information beyond this website please type in Thomas Carlisle on YouTube. There you will find many historic videos involving this films creation.

Thank You, Thomas H. Carlisle

Thomas H. Carlisle (Bio) started gathering historical information to make this film in the 1973. This included interviewing most of the people who wrote or sang a Christmas song. Many of these people were recorded on videotape. Still pictures, movies, and historic documents have also been acquired from the artists and authors. Now he has a vast archive of all kinds of Christmas antiques that will be available for the production. At this time Tom has invested 35 years and $300,000 in research for the production. During this time, Tom has become friends with other historians who have done similar research projects. All of them will be involved in creating this movie.

In 1980, thirteen people formed an antique Christmas organization, "The Golden Glow of Christmas Past," which now has about 1200 members. Tom was a charter member of this group. Many members also have large collections of ornaments, lights, toys, and other memorabilia that will be loaned to the forthcoming production. The recreated scenes will be historically correct. Many museum curators around the country have offered their collections and buildings to make sure that this historic creation is completed.

COPYRIGHT © Thomas H. Carlisle, All rights reserved



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